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My life in the year since starting a robot blog in self portraits. 

Today I closed the blog without a single tear shed. I deserve a goddamn gold star. 

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Apparently though I do not know how to color lips, I have not completely forgotten how to draw human beans. There is a human week going on, and I’m struggling to write for a regular person. What do regular people do?

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When people call me cute. 

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Trying to draw Human!grimlock when suddenly hot right out of bed older Bolin happened. Not terrible for no refs I think. Somehow even though I”ve drawn almost exclusively robots my humans have gotten better. 

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Hey! Happy New Year. And really late christmas, too. Where are you?! I miss you :'(
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Happy really really really belated New Years, Christmas and Valentines day to you too my friend. I”ve been robots. 


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“Simplified” human Scavengers. Also known as “cardboard box full of free puppies.” 

I was going to clothes and then I didn’t.

Headcanons and individual portraits:

Misfire, Fulcrum, Krok, Spinister, Crankcase, Flyfwheels

I really tried to simplify the designs. I swear Eddy. 

Look, HUMANS. I drew them! Humanformers are pretty much the only humans I have drawn lately but STILL. 

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First art on this account of the new year. It&#8217;s gonna be a good year. I can feel it. (Human versions of ro-bros in panties and thigh high socks.) 

First art on this account of the new year. It’s gonna be a good year. I can feel it. (Human versions of ro-bros in panties and thigh high socks.) 

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It’s like that one dream I keep having.


Except we are both humans. Splashing about while washing something. image

Oh yeah, I drew something that was not robots, once. Since….


Yes, the end of August I think. Meanwhile, I drew 13 robots in skirts during the month of November. Pretending to be a giant robot and flirting with other giant robots has been surprisingly fulfilling. They like me. I have 165 followers. Here I have 20. Yeah. It has been a whole month since I”ve even logged onto this account. Now you understand why.

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As I shall continue to be obsessed with giant robots well into the foreseeable future, I made a new blog for it so you guys don’t have to look at that stuff anymore.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled fan art of not giant robots.